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To dance next to or on top of your hood while the car is still moving, ideally with many friends and with hip-hop music.
Steve was bumping some Lil Jon when he got out of his car and started to ghostride the whip in the parking lot.
by CEG 5000 April 02, 2006

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Coming from the 1990's Hip-Hop female star, Monica, this term originated when she began being called Monique. As her popularity grew, the term Moniqueable began as a connotation for a girl worth having sex with. In other words, if someone, typically a woman, is moniqueable, she is very attractive and sexually pleasing to the eye.
I was walking by a locker full of girls when I saw this one moniqueable chick, and I immediately asked for her phone number to go out to dinner.
by CEG 5000 April 06, 2006

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