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An epic film starring Mike and Chuck Norris, that's right, two Norris's in one film... it's that good. The plot centers around Jux Jonas (Mike Norris) and his struggle to quell the rage and depression that over comes him after the death of his daughter, amy. The story follows Jux on a Bible delivery to Mexico with his friends Conrad Champlain (David White) and Oren Ames (Carey Scott) that goes horribly wrong. Their plane crashes near a small town with a horrible secret, this town is a gateway to Hell! Now it's up to them to return this town to it's previous glory, and with the rag tag group of companions they meet along the way and a pocket full of dreams, it may just be possible...
Bells of Innocence should have gotten an Emmy, but due to its poor marketing it didn't get the recognition it deserved.

"Don't sass me girl!" ~ Uncle Alexander
by C. Norris fan December 24, 2005

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