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2 definitions by C. J.

An annual gathering (also known as "senior week" or "beach week") which celebrates the first week of summer (usually the end of may) for high school and college students. It takes place everywhere, but one of the most central locations which students from across the nation travel to is Myrtle Beach, SC. Also known as a week long Mardi Gras.
I got pretty drunk at first week and ended up sleeping in some random people's house using a dog for a pillow.
by C. J. June 2, 2006
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All Wheel Drive. On road, it helps cars handle better, but off road (which should be the real application of vehicles with a front transfer case), it is completely and utterly useless. Most AWD systems use IFS, which is another shitty design which should never have been invented for use with anything but 2wd cars.
Hey, that AWD Subaru can corner tight, but otherwise is Jap Crap.
by C. J. June 20, 2006
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