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1. The greatest show on network TV. Also the inspiration for every modern, primetime, cartoon series (watch family guy and compare themes to old episodes of the Simpsons). It has evolved from just a 'funny show' to a program that takes satirical cracks at American society and certain current events. This natural evolution is completely normal, and for all the poser simpsons fans out there who think it's 'not funny anymore' have obviously missed the point.

2. An excellent teaching tool for showing foreigners what American culture is like.
Season 16, episode 6 of the Simpsons - MidnightRx looks at America's privatized healthcare system and the rising of perscription drug cost's effects on cross-border medicine sales.
by Buzzsaw Jones September 14, 2005

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When a girl is going down on two guys at once and they both blow their loads simultaneously in her ears
'what did you say? I just got a hot brain injection. I can't hear shit!' said Lisa
by Buzzsaw Jones March 17, 2005

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when you have to pay to use the bathroom you make it a point to piss everywhere except in the toilet/urinel
"Hey Jimmy, 30 cents says you can't hit the top of the mirror"
by Buzzsaw Jones March 17, 2005

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A person or people who make it a point to exploit religion for personal gains, whether it is promote themselves in the public eye, to artificially pearch one above another's beliefs or further push the exclusivity of their group.
That Jay Austin certainly was one big jesuslicker. He really had those BBC motherfuckas fooled
by Buzzsaw Jones March 22, 2005

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when you piss into your car battery. Not for any particular reason, you just want to know if your car will still start.
"Now listen Billy," Dr. Thrombone said leaning over to him,"the only way you will become a good scientist is if you think out side of the box."
by Buzzsaw Jones March 17, 2005

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