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shitting on the bare titties of your female friend before you fuck her.
hey Rudy, I tried that dunny dump you told me about on old Mary last night and she bout kilt me.
by Butcher's Pal July 28, 2009
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Shit streaked underwear that are left in public view. Examples; locker rooms, swimming pools, dressing rooms.
Did you see old Bob going down on that stripper at his retirement party?

No, I couldn't concentrate on that because he left his fuckin Dunny Pants laying under the TV.
by Butcher's pal July 18, 2009
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the act of felating a paraplegic sibling or a disabled farm animal.
That Booby is one fucked up dude, he was dunny bobbin Archie after therapy.
by Butcher's Pal July 22, 2009
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it doesn't matter.
Wait a minute Bob, you had sex with a calf? That's disgusting!
Fuggit, it waz perdy good. I'd do it agin.
by Butcher's Pal August 01, 2009
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shit, pock marked with corn.
We were at Cornfest last night and I'm sure I'll have a visit from Kernal Dunny.
by Butcher's Pal July 24, 2009
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lung mucose that contains actual lung tissue and often small sections of the liver and spleen. Expectorating this viscum is often a precursor to immanent death.
Toward the end Bob was gobbing up Dunny Oysters Rockafeller, talk about disgusting.
by Butcher's Pal July 27, 2009
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anal sex
all in all last night was perdy good. We's titty fucked em, pussy sucked em and dunny fucked em. That there is a try fecta.
by Butcher's Pal July 25, 2009
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