2 definitions by Bustin Justin

a small group of gangstas residing in the windy city. not chicago, L-town montana.consisting of Herb T, Yosty Yost, OJ juice, Bustin justin and Slim hustlin
them H-unit killas is on some gangsta shit
by Bustin Justin August 12, 2006
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Doing all sorts of crazy things in an insane, but professional manner. Almost always involving physical activities, normally held Outdoors, and in either remote locations, or in plain public view. Bustin' is a new "Sport" Created by Bustin Justin himself, to put a definition for and after all the things he does. Most in which involved the destruction of someone or something in the vacinity or his actions.
"I will be Bustin today." He's pretty Bustin' right now." "That's Bustin'!"
by Bustin Justin November 23, 2006
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