4 definitions by Bust down

when a girl does a line off your penis
Becky totally did a jack rice last night
by Bust down March 25, 2015
Pau is an amazing person that is really nice and always cheers you up, he is really shy but when you get to know he’s a really nice friend, he’s always there for you when you need him, he is really sensible and has been hurt a lot of times.
by Bust down February 24, 2019
the act or occasion of a partner sucking the other partner's DICK
Dude did was she slippin' it last night?
- ya she was all deep throating that shit
by Bust down November 1, 2010
After FUCKING some chick so hard; she needs leg braces and is slightly RETARDED after the ensuing offense. She also mumbles and drools when she gets excited or is in heat.
by Bust down November 1, 2010