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Geese caused climate change and need to die because they are evil devil-serving fucks. They also have teeth on their tongue.
Geese are disgusting and make me want to grab their noodle necks and thrash them around like a ceiling fan until their body falls off. Plz help me kill all geese.
by Bunny Bitch idk May 10, 2021
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Makenzie is an American variant of the Scottish Mackenzie. This variant originated in 1975, two years after the Scottish name, and has since been on the rise. Though both names have the same meaning, ("son of wise ruler") Mackenzie is vastly more popular in the U.S., ranking 291, whereas Makenzie ranked 699 according to The Bump. Both names can be feminine, masculine, or non-binary, but are more commonly used for girls.

Makenzie is low-key smart, though often self-depreciates, as a joke or otherwise. Makenzie has wavy or curly hair, dark eyes, and a nice ass. Makenzie is freaky asf and is not afraid to put this on display. Makenzie is cute as all hell when they get a crush, and they typically like sweet boys or girls, nerds, and submissive people. Makenzie is pansexual (though they may not have come to terms with this yet). Makenzie has been through a lot in their life and needs good friends (Has some, but struggles with social anxiety and many other mental issues). !BEWARE! It's very easy to develop a crush on Makenzie even if they don't fit into your sexuality because they use love potions. Makenzie is always cool about it though. They also really enjoy spicy food. If you see a Makenzie, look at their eyes and tell them how pretty their eyes are. Makenzie's have the best eyes.
Makenzie, I want you to know your eyes are like a nice, cold pillow at night.
by Bunny Bitch idk September 21, 2021
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