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Getting snatched is when something goes wrong for you. Say someone runs into a glass door, you'd say "get snatched". Snatched is also when you get flung off of something. Snatch ur weave is quite similar except your wig gets ripped off.
*gets killed in roblox*
by Bunch the Munch November 8, 2021
Xavier is funny, creative and 100% and extrovert. Xavier is the type of person who's smile can light up your entire day. Xavier's only downfall is that he is EXTREMELY emotional, but then he'll randomly start laughing. He is a really good therapist, probably cause he is so sensitive. Xavier is hillarious, but more so kind. He is fairly intelligent, but for some reason hates to admit it.
Random person "WTF is up with that kid"
Random person 2 "That must be a Xavier"
by Bunch the Munch May 27, 2021
The best character to ever exist. Appeared in a TV show called Miraculous, and Chloé is the main characters rival. Although no-one likes her in the TV show, everyone who is civilazied actually loves her. She is also a superhero called Queen Bee, who threatens the bad guy to "Sting you where it hurts". Yes... It's a childrens show.... Chloé is extremely savage, and it meant to be the bully, but personally it's just funny. A famous line of her's is "RIDICULOUS!! UTTERLY RIDICULOUS!!", which is usually said when something doesn't go her way, which is actually quite often. Three cheers for Chloé.... anyone..?
Everyone "EW it's Chloé Bourgeois"
Jk everyone loves her.
by Bunch the Munch May 27, 2021
Bunch the Munch is an amazing person, who is besties with Moosey Goosey. Bunch the Munch is funny, an extrovert and an aquarius. Bunch is awesome, and an amazing friend. Bunch is a cutie😘. Bunch is the type of person who will make you cry of laughter they will have no idea what they did to make you laugh. Bunch is OBSESSED with banana's.
Random person "HAhahahahahaha he is so funny"
Moosey Goosey "Yeah that's my best friend Bunch the Munch"
by Bunch the Munch May 31, 2021