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Quite possibly the best comback in the history of comebacks. Can be used in any situation, like when your getting bullied, just respond with this and they will immediatly shut up.
Bully: Your so dumb, no one even cares about you!
Me: No one asked
Bully: Has a brain aneurysm and dies on the spot
by Bucko January 13, 2020

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Someone quite possibly smarter than any human alive.

This person can spend three days at an internship and discover a planet that NASA hasn’t even found yet

To put the cherry on top, this person found a planet exactly 6.9 times larger that earth
“Did you see that NASA intern find a planet in 3 days”
“ Yeah, and it’s 6.9 times larger than earth”
“Good job NASA!”
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by Bucko January 13, 2020

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A website that mostly consist of ten year old kids who think they have come up with a new revolutionary way to hold ice cream, broke teenagers that are to lazy to get a job so they have other people do it for them, and then you will find the very rare portion of gofundme with actual people who actualy need money so their dog doesn't die of butthole cancer.
10 Year Old: "Im gonna make a gofundme so that I can buy a new fortnite skin yay"
17 Year Old: "I can't afford groceries, fuck it ill make a go fund me"
44 Year Old Woman: " Please help my dear old Roof Roof, he needs to live through one more Christmas"
by Bucko January 14, 2020

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