179 definitions by Bryn Benn

GPM is the three stages of growing marajuana.
by Bryn Benn April 14, 2020
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Identify ; 1, means state your name and or rank etc immediately.

Identify ; 2, like-mindedness.
I shout Identify on Anzac day to an inground cable man, he replied 'telstra'.

My reply is 'MWH404' Bryn Benn.
by Bryn Benn April 14, 2020
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In-co is an uncoordinated effort involving two parties or more.
The KIR worked with 'urban dictionary' in-co helping The KIR express it's stance.
by Bryn Benn March 27, 2020
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Hog ; is a person, 'lit up', on the radar. A hog will trample, wreck in the wake, demonish. There lured into temptation and defined by it.
When the hog of man are left to be, they'll then know lure, blow out the que war.
by Bryn Benn April 11, 2020
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Hopaloy; is to defy regulatory code, and act without bias, to engage upon the interest of people not suppressed government, who rely upon agreement of voters, as they're messures and actions may be restrictive or compromised by the monopoly of voters.
We intend to exercise our discretion, and rely upon hopaloy to rectify the situation.
by Bryn Benn March 27, 2020
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HRIM ; a special code that is till now unused. It binds letters into words.

Chant : (HRIM) HRME HRME we bind our letters into words. {3 x Over}
HRIM (natural word) replaced with HRME is the makings of a chant. Because of a digital platform, we don't need to chant HRIM HRME HRME.
by Bryn Benn April 14, 2020
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Bryn Benn is a name that came about by typing 'my name is' (then tapping away at a phones predicted text). A form of auto-writing.
Bryn Benn is formally know as J.L.WILSON born January 1979.
by Bryn Benn March 26, 2020
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