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An illegal act in which someone out pizza's the hut by creating pizza better than pizza hut, and rarely by some other means. Italians are the biggest offenders.
Giacomo: I'm gonna try to out pizza the hut!

Jaden: That's impossible and illegal!
by BruhMoment1738 November 14, 2019

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A simp is someone who is submissive to their gf/crush. They do unnecessary tasks for women and waste money on girls for nothing in return. Simp Nation is the collective of all simps. Do not become a part of Simp Nation and helps bro's who might be succumbing to Simp Nation!
Joey: I started doing my crushes homework for her. When do you think she will ask me out?!

Ethan: Welcome to Simp Nation!
by BruhMoment1738 December 20, 2019

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The greatest hat of all time. It's a yankee baseball cap that has had the brim removed.
Whoah!!! The Yankee with no brim!
by BruhMoment1738 April 10, 2020

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When you put the bun of a hamburger between two beef patties to create a sort of reverse hamburger. It must not have cheese.
Ethan: Hey what are we gonna eat?

Noah: I could go for a bamgurham right about now!
by BruhMoment1738 November 14, 2019

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The act of selling products out of the school bathroom. It can range from one kid selling a single item to organized competetive markets of products. Usually the items sold are things the school doesn't allow.
Mike: I heard Caleb made two hundred dollars selling nicotine gum ten dollars a piece in the bathroom.

Joe: Bathroom capitalism at it's finest. Someone should start a competitive sale!
by BruhMoment1738 November 14, 2019

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When the subway footlong sandwich is not actaully a foot long it is considered a footwrong. On average a subway footlong sandwich is 11 inches so they are actually mostly footwrongs.
Kevin: Why do you have a tape measure to eat your sandwich?

Ethan: I want to determine if Subway gave me a footlong or a footwrong.
by BruhMoment1738 November 14, 2019

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Mark's magical power goes rip
by BruhMoment1738 December 26, 2019

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