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a big-ass town in western mass that is pretty much a shithole. i've spent time there, and both my parents grew up there. it's number 18 on the list of most dangerous US cities.
one time i was in springfield and i shit you not, witnessed someone set a car on fire with a tiki-torch.
by broseph April 10, 2005

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well, crazy eddie sure is wrong. mccartney was THE bass player of the beatles but started out on guitar and played various solos (taxman, the end, to name a few) and full songs on guitar (blackbird, mother natures son, yesterday, and many many more), and even a few drums (back in the ussr, dear prudence, a few more) throughout the beatles' entire history.

he's the fucking man
duh man. mccartney is the shiiiit.
by broseph April 21, 2005

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a bunch of underdeveloped little homos who take pride in "individuality" while at the same time taking pride in drinking the same kind of soda, wearing the same kind of shoes, using the same slang, and listening to the same bands. also talk tough but never have anything to show for it. a bunch of sissies who were either molested by their uncles or beaten by their stepdads. oh yeah, plus horrible "music."
juggalos = gayblades.
by broseph April 16, 2005

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complete, total shite.
imagine combining pro wrestling with a ska band.
by broseph April 16, 2005

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a neighborhood in the the Dorchester section of Boston. also known as Stab'n'Kill.
I live right next to Savin Hill, and no closer thank jesus
by broseph April 10, 2005

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a bunch of people, many of whom are actually adults, who are more into the ideas of being in bands, knowing lyrics, being friends with people in bands, and drawing attention to themselves rather than actual music itself.
so glad i avoided getting sucked into the scene at a young age
by broseph April 16, 2005

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cool things about him:
1. haggard ass madman.
2. looks like jesus.
3. is a pretty good baseball player.

uncool things about him:
1. complete over-exposure of this dude.
2. in love with himself due to overexposure.
i'd like johnny damon as a person more if he wasn't so fucking hyped all the time, unnecessarily

he plays good ball though
by broseph April 20, 2005

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