3 definitions by Brofessor Jory

A Scientist with a Doctorates degree in Brology.
After spending many pointless hours studying trivial things such as math. Andrew decided he needed to major in something worth his time. So he became a Brofessor.
by Brofessor Jory June 03, 2010
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The mass nation of Bro's, Broski's, Broseph's, Brotato's, or anything of the like.
Non-Bro: Dude whats going on?

Bromander: The gathering of the Broman Empire
by Brofessor Jory June 03, 2010
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A bag of Potato Chips you share with your bro's.
Bro 1: Broski can I have some of those chips?

Bro 2: You mean Brotato chips.
by Brofessor Jory June 04, 2010
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