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Any thing like or relating to the idea that if one gets baby corn on their mongolian bbq, most of it will roll away and you'll be left with only one piece. So you come up with the solution that you need an extreme amount of baby corn so even though most of it rolls away you will still have enough baby corn. But the person making it assumes you're some kind of freak for baby corn and doesn't let any of it roll away, so you have an extreme amount of baby corn still. (there is nooooooooooo happy medium)
Obvious: why do you have so much babycorn? Baby Corn Theory :/
Not So Obvious: Well i can either not talk to him at all or sing a romantic duet to him every morning. . . .baby corn theory
by Brittany! November 20, 2007

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it's tasty and it's dead! The best word to describe your non-vegitarian food to your vegitarian friends without making them rant bout dead stuff cuz EVERYONE loves the prefix sapro
me: this burger is totally saprolicious
vegitarian alex: that sounds delightful and dose not make me want to yell at you for eating it
Me: Huzzah
by Brittany! September 30, 2007

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