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A madman with a box. A genius with a big swishy coat. A veteran dressed like a magician. He's all of these. And whatever you do, never bring up the name Rose Tyler. He's compassionate. He's everything good about the universe. But if you do something bad, he'll come for you.
Look up genocide in the dictionary. There's a picture of The Doctor. The caption says, "Over my dead body!"
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by Brewsterion April 27, 2017

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Annoying, but endearingly. Good-looking and friendly. In all likelihood, he’s holding in feelings that he’s scared to say. Can drive you insane and keep you calm at the same time. You might not know he’s there, but you will always notice when he’s gone.
William definitely likes her. What’s stopping him?
by Brewsterion October 25, 2017

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The most powerful thing in the universe. Also the Mythbuster's material of choice.
There's a tear in reality?!? Duct tape.
by Brewsterion April 29, 2017

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