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The (kick-ass) (drummer)for (Motley Crue). He did (Pamela Anderson) and then re-did her face by beating her. He's probably (banged) more (women) then he has (drums). He is also the nemesis of Kid Rock (who also dated (Pamela Anderson)).
Jimmy: Mom why's Tommy Lee famous?

Mom: You mean that demon possessed rascal from that extremely cheese band!

Dad: You know son... I really don't know.
by Brennan Heath Dixon September 12, 2007

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A drummer for Rage Against The Machine and Audioslave. He known among drummers for his amazing groove. His style blends elements of funk and rock.
He currently endorses Gretsch drums, Paiste cymbals, Drum Workshop hardware, Vic Firth drum sticks and Remo drum heads.
John - " That drum beat in Bulls On Parade is amazing. Gotta love Brad Wilks drumming because it's real groovey."

Matt- " Sure is. I might get a Gretsch drum kit similar to Brad's sometime."
by Brennan Heath Dixon August 25, 2007

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