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Slang for San Marcos, Texas, the location of Texas State University and a significantly more enjoyable place than College Station.
"I'm getting the hell out of New Braunfels and setting sail for a magical place called College Town!"

by Brandy BandShoe September 13, 2008
An American's greatest fear (other than vegetables).
"The world is coming to an end!"

"Well then get over here and have sex with me so I won't die a virgin!"
by Brandy BandShoe September 10, 2008
A small conservative town between Austin and San Antonio known for Schlitterbahn, the Guadalupe river and the Comal River. What most people don't know is that the local government is ridiculously corrupt, ignoring the tax payers and focusing on the mass development of low quality suburbs and filling in all green space. There are many videos of significant flooding destroying homes which were knowingly built on floodplains.

The corruption of the school system is wide spreed and includes: The sacrifice of elementary art programs for football stadiums, high turnover of teachers as the administration prefers loyalty over skill, and so on.

The list goes on...
"I think I'll move some place nice, like New Braunfels."

"Ok, have fun burning in a eternal hell!"
by Brandy BandShoe September 13, 2008
Hair extensions attached to a big elastic hair-tie and worn to appear as if the wearer has long pony tails.
Can be made from yarn, synthetic hair, hemp, pipe cleaners, ribbons tubing, ect. Most commonly worn in the rave, cyber goth and club scene.
The raver wore long pony falls of neon green.
by Brandy BandShoe July 8, 2008
A death rock band from Salt Lake City whose front man is often mistaken for a woman and should hold onto Stich if they want to have a future as a band.
"Dude, that chick sounds like she's had to many cigarettes."

"Dude, that's the front man of Tragic Black."
by Brandy BandShoe July 11, 2008