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a crew who is makin it big in the west coast ov scotland.
membas: strog dogg,D-Boy Wonder,Amo,Ryz,D.A.V,Dj Baz,hov,g batesta, and many more. Have rivalry with The AWC a group of DpC rejects who didnt make the posse.
DpC Those boys are Dope, they can handle beef of any sort.holla at the crew
by Boy wonder April 2, 2005
a crew which is makin it big in the west coast ov scotland. membas: dogg, dale(boywonder),the minge,mc,bout another 100 folk
"dam, those DPC boys really hav good connections"
by Boy wonder March 24, 2005
Chichear is when a girl glazes over when someone is talking to her about things she really isn’t interested in or paying attention to but smiles sweetly and nods along all the same whilst daydreaming about something completely different
Bro1 to bro2 “aw man Emmy was totally interested when I told about F1, I’m pumped she likes it”

Bro2 “no dude, she wasn’t , she just chicheard you
by Boy wonder May 6, 2020
Forming at FHHS in 2002, it is when a couple (does not matter if the couple is straight or homosexual, but must have the involvement of a penis) is having sex on the beach, and right before the man is going to cum, dips his dick back in the sand, and then into the vagina/ass.
JP gave Pat a breaded shrimp when they were vactioning on a gay cruise in the Bahamas.
by Boy wonder September 24, 2004
That Missy girl on our floor is Prego. She is due any day now.
by Boy wonder November 16, 2004
The combination of retarded and ridiculous. When something is so ridiculous and stupid, the word ridiculous just isn't enough.
The Definition King's definition of "at a job site" is retardiculous.
by Boy wonder March 31, 2005