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I got a hard on ,so I had to Slap The Rat to get rid of it.
by Bosoms Orork June 04, 2010

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Lube up ones ear with duck butter and using a shoe horn ,tuck it in the anal orifice of a partner and listen to the ocean.
At the church Bar B Q ,my girl and I had brisket , cole slaw and then slipped out in the bushes and had an "Ear of Corn".
by Bosoms Orork March 24, 2010

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When a dwarf is rammed up an elephants ass,and the elephant shits the little bastard out.
We stole an elephant , kidnapped a "little person" ,gave the pachyderm a dose of ex lax ,shoved the dwarf up its ass , stood back and let nature take its course . The dwarf was born again.
by Bosoms Orork June 18, 2010

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Take a dump from any high structure such as a cliff over a swimming hole , radio antenna or pergola over a hot tub.
I was riding a zip line over the park and pulled a Memphis Belle on a picnic table.
by Bosoms Orork July 28, 2016

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