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Why do kids from UCLA feel the need to bash USC so much? If they feel they are so superior, why do they seem to get off on bashing the "inferior" USC? Aren't they supposed to be "above" that? I thought UCLA kids were supposed to be "smart." Since when does "smart" correlate with "derisive, insulting asshats"?

Insulting and elitist: bad combination, UCLA, and you're not even a Northeastern Ivy or anything.

Oh, and insulting USC by saying it's in the ghetto? Not cool. If you don't like "racist" Trojans commenting on all the "yellow people" at UCLA, trying to get at 'SC for saying its in the ghetto (i.e. in the black part of town) is JUST as hypocritical. Since when is being located or coming from a certain place apt reason for insulting?
UCLA kid: Hah hah hah, I have no life! I like looking at college rankings and getting off on how USC is ranked so low compared to UCLA!
Person #1: Blah blah blah. Everyone knows that UCLA is just where the cheap people or the Berk rejects go. Enjoy your three years as a sophomore at UCLA, prick!

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