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The drummer for the blues-rock duo The Black Keys. Carney's drumming style is heavily influenced by John Bonham, playing lots of snare-bass fills and utilizing very musical tom patterns. He is a very creative but not overly skilled drummer. A solid player.
Patrick Carney is better than Travis Barker.
by Bonzo, King of Drums January 1, 2009
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The drummer for Led Zeppelin. He was the greatest drummer in rock music and he is still better than such wannabe pretenders as Neil Peart (who is massively overrated) and Travis Barker (who should never be allowed to play music, ever). Bonham almost single-handedly (although with help from Carmine Appice) created the stereotype of the loud rock drummer, played brutal, pounding beats and amazing triplet-based fills with a lightning right foot.

He is missed.
John Bonham was the genius behind "When the Levee Breaks," "Achilles Last Stand," and "Moby Dick" (the real, live kind, not the patched-together crap on Led Zeppelin II).
by Bonzo, King of Drums December 3, 2008
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Drummer for The Doors. A very good, jazz-rock fusion type player, interesting use of lead style at times. Probably the most technically talented member of the band, and known for sometimes refusing to take Jim Morrison's drunken crap.
John Densmore is pretty sweet.
by Bonzo, King of Drums January 13, 2009
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Carmine Appice was the drummer for the early psychedelic band Vanilla Fudge, Cactus, and later for BBA which stands for Beck (Jeff Beck), Bogert (Tim Bogert, bassist for Vanilla Fudge and Cactus). He was an early user of a two bass drum setup (a la Keith Moon) and inadvertantly caused John Bonham to work insanely hard at increasing his bass drum speed with one foot, because Bonham thought Appice was playing so fast with a single foot. He was one of the originators (along with Bonham) of the power template of rock drumming, playing heavily and with emphasis on volume from the bottom up (bass drum dominant). He, like Bonham, is far better than such modern craptastic drummers as Travis Barker and Neil Peart (while Peart is actually talented, he has no sense of what GOOD music actually sounds like and simply likes to show off his technical abilities, which are, admittedly, fairly impressive). Appice is one of the most underrated of the classic rock drummers.
Person 1: Hey man, listen to this Vanilla Fudge record. Carmine Appice is really good.

Person 2: Who is Vanilla Fudge, and why should I listen to a drummer? Everyone knows the world revolves around guitarists.
by Bonzo, King of Drums December 3, 2008
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