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A DooDoo Mama consists of "Ghetto" females who still think Babyphat, Rocawear,Enyce,Apple Bottoms,Fetish, and Glow Jeans are in style. They can be seen popping their gum and rolling their eyes. They are seen wearing "Weaves" , baby hair , fake gold hoops, addidas, and braids. Their boyfriends are the dirty looking DooDoo daddies. They prey on pretty girls. They're mostly the loudest ones. They have tons of glitter graphics and pictures on their Myspace. They like the playboy sign and posting a million glitter comments.
Signs if you're a doo doo mama: If your fake ponytail is pressed and straight and your regular hair doesn't match the texture and/or color. You're a DooDoo. If you talk like "Dis" and "Dat" . You're a DooDoo. If your hair can't fit in a ponytail and you try to slick it down with jail and/or put clips in it so it can stay. You're a DooDoo. If you haven..t upgraded your cell phone and you're still walking around with an i205 boost mobile. You're a DooDoo. If you are a gangbanger. Welcome to the DooDoo club. If you walk it out or lean with it rock with it to everyone song. You're a DooDoo. If you walk around yelling "Besty" "Sissy" "Pookie" "Ay Babay" "Cuzzy" "Bootah" or anything close. You're a DooDoo. If you have more than 3 tatoos. You..re a DooDoo. If your hair looks like Kunta. You're a DooDoo. If you wear knock-off's. You..re a DooDoo. If you buy jeans from a "Guy" who sells them from his car. DooDoo. If you think Remy Ma is your idol. You're a DooDoo right along with her. If you fight just to get attention. You're a DooDoo. If more than Half of these are you. Give yourself a round of applause. You..re a DooDoo Mama.
by Bombay :) October 18, 2007

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