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This is not what you think it is, it's much more gruesome. Filipino Hot Coco ( aka, FHC ) is where a group of male Filipino boys ( specifically 15-19 ) circle around a small hole in the ground. One of them pours boiling hot water in the ground, and after that's accomplished, they all take off their boxers and cum in the hole. After that, first ritual that needs to be done is that one of the boys pulls up gay porn and the challenge is to try to not get hard, the first one that gets hard is forced to drink the water.

Manuel: God dammit..
by Boba Gumb December 24, 2016

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Specific items you need.
• Chopped Immitation Crab
• Lettuce
• Mayonnaise

It's where a man ejaculates in the center of the bed, then he eats the girl out then spits the fluids where the cum is. The man and woman both make a perfect circle around the fluids. The other person who's supposed to be recording throws in the Imitation crab, and lettuce at them. The man and woman scream in agony while the woman's vagina is being stuffed with mayonnaise. One of their backs are supposed to snap as the person who is recording takes their shoes and runs away.
Jacob: Oh my god, dude! What the hell happened?

Mark: Man you should've been there. Lisa and I did a California Roll . Unfortunately my spine snapped and now I'm disabled. Along with that.. Luca stole our shoes.
by Boba Gumb April 11, 2016

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Specific items.
• Rice
• Chopped up fish
• Mayonnaise

It's where a man cums in the middle of the bed, then he injects his tongue in the girls pussy and spits out the fluids where the cum is. Him and the female both make a 360° form around the cum as they scream their favorite foods in pain. Then, their friend who is recording throws in the Rice, and fish at the man and woman. He grabs a handful of Mayonniase and rubs it in and on the field vagina and the mans penis. As they're in a 360° position one of their spines break and their friend takes their shoes and runs off.
Dude 1: Holy shit! Why are you in a wheelchair! What the fuck happened!

Dude 2: Oh shit man.. I'm paralyzed permanently.. Joe took our shoes but damn!! Me and Kayla had a California Roll!
by Boba Gumb November 10, 2015

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