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Witch, n. A properly trained and initiated Priest or Priestess of The Old Religion. From Old English wit or wic which means witty, wise or intelligent, or alternatively to bend or to shape, and related to wit, wicked, wicker, wizard.

Witches learn and pass down old magical arts such as contacting departed spirits, working the weather, and reading the signs.
King Sol found a witch in Endor who could communicate across the boundary of death.
by Bob Knows October 07, 2009

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A member of the criminal blue shirt gangs that are hired by corrupt politicians to control and terrorize the people. They are usually seen wearing blue gang colors and carrying guns that they use to threaten drivers whom they are robbing on streets and highways to fill treasuries of corrupt politicians. Blue gun thugs are heavily engaged in the drug business and the destruction of fathers and families. Sometimes they wear brown shirts like Mussolini's secret police.
Since 9-11-01 the blue gun thugs have killed more Americans than Al-Queda, the Iraq War, and the Afghanistan War combined.
by Bob Knows September 14, 2010

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Obama Must Go!
OMG, we have to recapture our nation and get the economy going again so I can get a job. OMG!
by Bob Knows November 16, 2011

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The state taking your children under its police power, and putting them in abusive or fatal foster care.
The 4 year old boy was found dead after being statenapped and housed in foster care.
by Bob Knows December 02, 2010

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An animal that gives milk.

A female human.
1. The cows will all moo if they don't get special privileges.
by Bob Knows November 09, 2011

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A feminazi is a men hating feminist who uses the hate propaganda and socialist/fascist political techniques developed by the National Socialist Labor Party of Germany to focus hate and government control against men and families instead of against Jews.
The teaching of feminazi hate propaganda has become endemic in K-12 education, and is the topic of "Women's Studies" in colleges.
by Bob Knows October 07, 2009

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An ugly fat female fresh out of "Women's Studies" hate training who thinks she's God's gift to men, but she can't get laid, and can't even get a date except with lesbians. Usually an aggressive misandrist who blames men because her life is a failure.

A cute misspelling of "feminist" by the young and ugly feminists who can't get a date so they spend evenings spewing misandry on-line.
The feminista web site really had some good digs at men today.
by Bob Knows October 07, 2009

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