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1. A task performed by a specific individual or group in exchange for compensation.
2. A protected job, project, program etc...
Bob: "I don't need Jim. I can change the tire myself".
Ted: "But Bob, ya gotta let Jim fix it. That's his rice bowl".
by bob h boberson August 24, 2008

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A disproportionate ratio of males to females.
There are so many dudes in here it's a nozzle fest.
by bob h boberson May 10, 2008

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A condition suffered by many husbands whereby they believe their unattractive wife is actually attractive.

Many cases are so severe that the husband actually believes his wife is desired by attractive and successful men (or women).

The husband holds a firm belief that his wife does no wrong or simply cannot be held accountable for her actions.
Jim: "Doesn't Ted know his fat ugly wife is spending him into the poor house?"

Bob: "Nope. He's got his wife goggles on."
by bob h boberson February 17, 2009

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Strain of syphilis that aggressively attacks members of a group or community as if if were a conscious being capable of turbo powered flight.
Action news reports that numerous Rockdale County teens have contracted a particularly nightmarish sexually transmitted disease known as Flying Turbo Syphilis.
by bob h boberson July 21, 2008

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The age of a vehicle expressed as human years instead of mileage or chronological age. Calculated by dividing the mileage of a vehicle by 3,000.
150,000 miles / 3,000 = 50 car years.
by bob h boberson January 05, 2009

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An automobile owned and or operated by a douchebag. See BMW
I got cut off by a douche raft while driving in downtown and nearly wrecked.
by bob h boberson July 10, 2008

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A typical young male usually suffering from delusions of adequacy.
There are more nozzles in here than at the douche factory.
by bob h boberson April 16, 2008

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