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Aryan Nations (AN) is an international White nationalist organisation. It was founded in the 1970s by Richard Girnt Butler as an arm of the (Protestant) Christian Identity group Church of Jesus Christ-Christian.

Its origin lies in the teachings of Wesley Swift, a significant figure in the early Christian Identity movement. Swift combined British Israelism, anti-semitism, and political militancy. He founded his own church in California in the mid 1940s where he could preach this ideology. In addition, he had a daily radio broadcast in California during the 1950s and 60s. In 1957, the name of his church was changed to the Church of Jesus Christ-Christian, which is used today by Aryan Nations churches.
Aryan Nations is a non-membership based world-wide organisation dedicated to the preservation and advancement of the White race.
by Blue Winged Spirit June 18, 2007
The Church of Jesus Christ-Christian (CJCC) is a White nationalist church, which was founded in 1946 by Ku Klux Klan organiser Wesley A. Swift. Swift was the son of a Methodist Episcopal Church, South minister and is considered to be the single most significant figure in the early years of the Christian Identity movement in the United States.

The church was originally known as the White Identity Church of Jesus Christ–Christian, assuming its present name in 1957. After Wesley Swift's death in 1970, the ministry was continued by his wife Lorraine Swift.
Among the Church of Jesus Christ-Christian's teachings is that non-Whites have no incentive to self-regulate their earthly behavior.
by Blue Winged Spirit June 18, 2007
Racial Holy War (RAHOWA, sometimes spelled as RaHoWa) is the belief that White people should unite and undertake a holy war against Jews and non-Whites. The concept was first put forward by Ben Klassen, founder of the Church of the Creator. Since the group's inception, the term has gained a significant amount of popularity within White nationalist terminologies.
Our country is getting out of control, we must start a RAHOWA against mud races right now.
by Blue Winged Spirit June 18, 2007
British Israelism (sometimes called Anglo-Israelism) is a Christian theology essentially based on the premise, that most ancient British people, Europeans and/or their royal families were direct lineal descendants of some of the Lost Tribes of Israel and in many cases also of the Tribe of Judah.

British Israelism states that large numbers of the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel were deported by Sargon II, king of Assyria, on the fall of Samaria in 721 BC, eventually migrating to Northern Europe, the British Isles, and with European colonization eventually North and South America, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and elsewhere around the globe.

Many early legends abound in ancient British folklore suggesting a link to the Holy Land. These include but are not limited to:
1) The story that Joseph of Arimathea (uncle of Jesus) traveled to Cornwall sometime after Christ's crucifixion and established an early Christian community.
2) Suggestions that the Stone of Scone might be Jacob's Pillar or Jacob's Pillow Stone.
3) Legends that the Israelite prophet Jeremiah may have been the "Olam Fadlah" of Celtic lore.
4) The legend that Tamar Tea Tephi the ancient matriarch of the Royal House may have been the daughter of Zedekiah king of Judah and that her sister Scota may have been the matriarch of the "Scots".
5) The legends of the Historia Regum Britanniae connecting Britain to the Mediteranian and Middle East and detailing early English genealogies.
6) The coming of Brutus of Troy (Britis) to Great Britain after the burning of Troy and his genealogy leading to the Israelite tribe of Benjamin.
7) The Matter of Britain detailing the Arthurian Legend.
8) The claims by Henry VIII to be descended from King Arthur, who legend has it was the eighth generation from Joseph of Aramathea.
9) The claim that St. Paul visited Britain.
The key component of British Israelism is their representation of the migrations of the Lost Tribes of Israel. They often suggest that the Behistun Inscription has provided an invaluable missing link. George Rawlinson, Sir Henry Rawlinson's younger brother, connected the Saka/Gimiri of the Behistun Inscription with deported Israelites: "We have reasonable grounds for regarding the Gimirri, or Cimmerians, who first appeared on the confines of Assyria and Media in the seventh century BC, and the Sacae of the Behistun Rock, nearly two centuries later, as identical with the Beth-Khumree of Samaria, or the Ten Tribes of the House of Israel."
by Blue Winged Spirit June 18, 2007