25 definition by Blue Jack

Any eating utensils (cutlery) that aren't knives, sporks or chopsticks, and are therefore superfluous.
You can eat anything if you've got a knife, spork and chopsticks. You don't need four different spoons. Said spoons are untensils.
I'm never comfortable having dinner with Mark - he sets the table with loads of untensils I never end up using.
by Blue Jack October 18, 2009

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Lack of enthusiasm.
Either sarcastic enthusiasm, or from boredom.
1) Woop. Wa-hey. Yeah. This is fun.
2) Nice going with the unthusiasm there.
by Blue Jack October 18, 2009

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Writing stuff on your hands so you remember it.
Meeting at seven? Just let me put that into manual memory... *writes on hand*

I learned to write with my left hand so I could double my manual memory.
by Blue Jack June 30, 2008

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Someone with low personal hygiene, ie. avoids using soap; doesn't wash.
Soap dodgers smell.
by Blue Jack July 10, 2008

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