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An apology for accidentally hitting caps lock while typing to someone.
Guy 1: Who's that other person in your pic bro
Guy 2: thT'S MY SISTER
Guy 1: Whoah chill out motherfucker
Guy 2: Sorry, I accidentally hit caps lock. Please accept my capology
Guy 1: Capology accepted. After all, you're only human
by Blargle Margle December 20, 2010

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A particular song that one sings under one's breath in any awkward situation. Primarily gives said person an excuse not to talk.
Guy 1: So anyway dude, I hooked up with this girl called Clara last night. She was kind of fat and ugly and a bit of a tramp, but a really good lay nonetheless
Guy 2: Dude that was my sister!
Guy 3: *pause* Yummy yummy yummy I've got love in my tummy and I feel like loving you
Guy 2: What's he singing?
Guy 1: Yummy yummy yummy. It's his Go-to Song.
by Blargle Margle February 06, 2011

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When your eyebrows become more bushy than is socially acceptable. Derived from the large eyebrows of Noel and Liam Gallagher
Guy 1: Dude, your brows are fucking massive man, you've totally got Gallagher Brows
Guy 2: Totally don't
Guy 3: Dude, you've totally got Gallagher Brows
by Blargle Margle December 17, 2011

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Someone who gets really involved in a job and lives for the weekend
Guy 1: Hey, shall we go see Transformers on Tuesday night? That new, admittedly horse-like replacement for Megan Fox will be adequate for me to part with my cash to see that sub-standard movie
Guy 2: Yeah man, I'll invite Tim, I always enjoy his witty and insightful comments
Guy 3: He has to work on weekdays. He's a job douche now.
by Blargle Margle July 24, 2011

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Somebody who constantly monitors statuses and interaction on facebook while rarely posting anything themselves or drawing attention to their own account. People are subsequently surprised by the amount of knowledge of facebook this person actually has
Guy 1: So anyway I was posting a load of joke stuff on facebook last night that was really funny...like I posted a quip about sexual depravity
Girl 1: Oh yeah I saw that! I rofled
Guy 1: ?

(Guy 1 is now chilling with his amigos or homeboys or friends or whatever)

Guy 1: Somehow she knows about all my shit but I didn't think she used facebook much
Guy 2: Wtf? She never posts or anything
Guy 3: She's a classic Stealth Booker. She maintains a limited visible online presence herself but she's always aware of what's going on
Guy 1: Kinky BITCH!.......
by Blargle Margle April 30, 2011

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Somebody who closes doors after going to the toilet/bathroom, meaning that somebody approaching the door doesn't know if there's anyone in there or not.
Guy 1: You met that new guy Richard?
Guy 2: Yeah dude I hate that fucking bitch! He is such a door closer
Guy 1: Equitable testimony brothatrucka
Guy 3: What does he do in there that he feels the need to hide
by Blargle Margle January 24, 2011

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Using your facebook updates to try and show other people how great your life is so that they will envy you.
Guy 1: *on facebook* Wow! Great day surfing in San Diego! @Alex Dennis: "How many dollars in a sombrero!" Hahahaha lmao good times!
Guy 2: Why does he need to post that on facebook?
Guy 3: He wants people to click like and validate his post, indicating a symbolic acceptance that his life is better than theirs. It's a classic case of smugbooking.
by Blargle Margle August 14, 2012

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