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what some girls with a big ass have, especially when their shirt is too short and their pants are too tight

many men find this extremely attractive
damn did you see kristina's ass on christmas? it was flat but you could see under her shirt and there was like, this chasm. where did it come from?

yeah I know man, that was some serious ass cleavage! I wish I could meet her ass in person
by bill mesich January 16, 2007

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also known as "gay cooties"
my friend alex liked shooting up with used needles until he got the aids
by Bill Mesich April 19, 2012

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how you know your girl truly loves you

the only true form of "safe" sex

how to get into any American fraternity
that bitch Kristina wouldn't give me anal sex, so I dumped her ass

damn that girl's got a big ass, I bet she's great at anal sex

make sure your girl takes a shit before anal sex, or better yet give her an enema
by bill mesich January 16, 2007

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