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Technically, raphe is a medically-appropriate term which refers to a ridge separating two lateral parts or organs. Examples of such ridges can be located on tongues and perinea.

Ideally, however, the term is used to describe the line that runs up the middle of your sack -- most likely to prevent your balls from flying out.
If someone unzipped my raphe, I'd go nuts.
by big o December 13, 2004

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1. to tuck your collar into your shirt (usually a polo shirt, but can also be performed with oxfords and button-downs)
2. a response to a many douche bags who believe popping your collar is the ultimate form of free expression, and the epitome of cool
1. What are you tryin to look like a dickweed? Tuck your collar, dumbass!
2. Look at that asswhole pop his collar. We best be tuckin it.
by Big O October 23, 2006

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a word which origin derives itself from Jackie, it means to make a jest at someone, to joke or to kid with someone in a playful manner
1.) "Don't worry about your dog man! I was just jdubbyin ya! He's not dead! Oh, but speaking of that, I do have a message about your grandma..."
by Big O May 04, 2004

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1.) a profound expression of confusion or misunderstanding
2.) a word of unknown origin, created by Big O and Val
1.) Cooters and flax? What the crap did you say?
2.) Big O: Holy cooters! Look at that flax!
Val: Cooters and flax?!
by Big O September 14, 2003

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1.) to boom with jiss (see jiz or jizz )
2.) an exclamation of disappointment (see WTF )
1.) Dude, then what she did next almost made me jisselboom in my pants!
2.) Jisselboom dude! You got my car impounded!
by Big O January 25, 2004

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a cammarado is a homeboy in mexican slang
jose es mi camarrado
by big O February 24, 2005

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1.) to have a reversal luck (e.g. you pick up a penny and your g/f breaks up with you, or you break a mirror and you find like $200)
1.) Shit man! First my car breaks down and now this!? This is some weird ass tangta! "All day you'll have good luck" my ass!
by Big O January 25, 2004

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