4 definitions by Big Kirby

A guard of the precious music of ofb the word bishop to prove drill sense. You will usally find these roadmen at a motive or sesh smoking a joint
Ofb bishop shanks up kid for disrespecting their culture
by Big Kirby January 18, 2021
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A brazillian cocktail is where u wait for someone to have diarreah then use a plastic straw so it doesn't get soggy and insert the straw into that person ass and drink the shitty liquid like a cocktail
man had shit stained teeth after having a Brazilian cocktail

Why are your teeth brown?
by Big Kirby January 20, 2021
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Usally a dealer or user that doesn't want to amit that they love weed because they're worried about her appearance
Leela hates being called stonner girl

Shut up I'm not a stoner girl
by Big Kirby January 20, 2021
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Is where you shit into a mould freeze it and use it as a dildo
Man kinky leela loves getting a frosty gym
by Big Kirby January 19, 2021
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