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Someone who is a fan of the Green Bay Packers American football team. They are usually dumb as a stump, inbred, drunk, disorderly, ugly, smelly, foul beasts. They beat their families every time their team loses, which is often. They think their shit doesn't stink, but believe me, Green Bay Packer fans have the smelliest turds of any professional sports teams in the country. They constantly live in the past, citing their team's Super Bowl wins, all but one of which occurred about 50 years ago. They are a whiny bunch of fans who live in the smelliest, smallest, most worthless city in America. Their state is populated by serial killers and losers. Their starting quarterback, Aaron Rodgers, only cares about putting up big numbers and constantly fails to live up to his statistics. He has never won a big game. Their defense, especially the linebackers, look like a bunch of ugly, fat, greasy and whiny biatches. Packer fans are, by far, the worst fans of any professional sports team.
Duh, I am a Packer fan and I think my team is better than yours.
by Big Higga Higga December 14, 2010
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