34 definitions by Biden is a dick

A nickname for the New York Giants or the San Francisco Giants.
The New York Vagiants make football fagish.
by Biden is a dick May 8, 2021
Winning in life and not giving a fuck about what others think.
Donald Trump ...and I said to Iran, “Don’t fuck with us!” Trumping!
by Biden is a dick April 1, 2021
When someone down votes a post, comment, or definition (in the case of Urban Dictionary) regardless of the post and judging only by that person’s username.
Look at my username. Doesn’t it make you want to try username downvoting?
by Biden is a dick April 3, 2021
1 A toasted treat with a jam filled interior.
2 A hot young woman who is slutty.
The former definition of tart you want eat, the latter, you want to eat out! He he ha ha!
by Biden is a dick December 24, 2021
The female orgasm. Male orgasm of course being the cumgasm.
My girlfriend had a massive clitgasm on my sheets last night. I have to change them now…
by Biden is a dick December 23, 2021