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1. a synonym for absolutely any noun. It can be used to confuse someone or to replace an undescribable object. Use of this noun also makes any sentence perfectly logical. (Use of the word in a sentence does not have to follow grammar rules of any kind but must always be written in capital letters.)
2. A meme originating from 4chan where Link spells Zelda incorrectly and refers to it like a salad.
1. Lol so these ZELAD was ask me if I want to pee bears all the way to the moon.

I want a ZELADS so she'll like me.
2. Link! You want some zelad?
by Bias - P11 March 09, 2011
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The application of natural sciences on the internet. It includes many branches
1. Internet Taxonomy
2. Internet Ecology
3. Internet sociology
4. etc.
Dude, if Internet Biology was a class, I would ace it. I know so much shit about 4chan's climate and species.
by Bias - P11 March 09, 2011
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