2 definitions by Bexie B.

A woman can be certified to have lemon panties only during her peak reproductive years, assumed to be aged 16-21.

First relevant use in r/badwomensanatomy. Used in a particularly boomer take on the “age hierarchy of a woman’s relevance.”
Those eighteen year old girls have certified lemon panties.
by Bexie B. January 30, 2022
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a. noun - music played that is perfect for your mood; a tool to help other peoples empathize with what you are feeling, usually in the form of a track, or playlist.

b. noun - music used to enhance a mood, generally "the mood," *nudge,nudge,wink,wink* or sleepy/contented-ness.
a. ex. - "This is the perfect music for the mood I was in when I made this. It's the perfect mood music."

b. ex. -

"That J.T. song make them girls turn into jelly when a dude sings it to them. J.T. is the shit, man, perfect mood music to spice up that love life."
by Bexie B. July 10, 2013
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