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To "ghost ride" or "ghost riding" is when a driver places his car in neutral, or cruises at a low speed approx. 5-10 mph everyone in the vehicle opens all the doors and walks along side the car, steps on the hood or the roof of the car while dancing to heart pounding rap music.

"Ghost riding" was invented in the Country Club Crest of Vallejo, Ca by rap artist: J Diggs, then was popularized by E 40 in his hit video "Tell me when to go". The "REAL" Ghost ridn' can be seen on "Treal Tv #2", J Diggs shows where it came from and how to "ghost ride your whip.

Ghost riding started off as a neighborhood expression, then later a city thing, to a Bay Area thing, now a worldwide expression of having fun and has become the culture of many youth in today's world starting from the Bay Area in Northern California

Ghost ride the whip, now watch em' swang, go stupid go dumb dumb..tell me when ta go.....E40
by Bethel Boy April 23, 2007
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Vallejo is a city in the North Bay Area approx. 34 miles north of San Francisco and 57 Miles South of Sacramento California. Vallejo was established in 1851 by Mariano Guadalupe Vallejo and was the capitol of California in 1852 and 1853. Vallejo started mainly as a spanish and native american city, then grew intensely over the years. Now Vallejo in 2007 has a population of around 125, 000 people, with a wide variety of nationalities predominately: White-30%, black 30%, asians 20% and hispanic(latino)-19%, others: native american, pacific islander.

Vallejo has a great diversity of people from rich to poor, and is about 40% lower class(10% of them in poverty) 40% middle class 10% wealthy. Some of the dangerous parts of the city are: Millerville, South Vallejo, Country Club Crest, Downtown-west, Hillcrest area among many other small parts, this is where there are stronger concentrations of crime.

Vallejo in 1987 at a population of 70,000 had 34 murders which was the record number for the city. For a city of approx. 450,000 people(Oakland, Ca) that would be approx. 204 murders which by far exceeds Oakland's highest homicide rate of 190. Vallejo has claimed by many to "become the next "Richmond" or "Oakland" which it already has been, but has made dramatic improvements. Many of the new residents of Vallejo do not know the history and cannot appreciate how far Vallejo has come. It was the Oakland or the Richmond of it's day and has dramatically improved over the years to homicide rates of 3 per year with a population of over 120,000 people. Other crimes such as thefts and burglaries are far above average, but overall the city has improved becoming a safer place to live.

Vallejo is the home of musicians: Sly and the family Stone, Mac Dre, E 40, Mac Mall, Turf Talk.

Vallejo is also the home for Six Flags Discovery Kingdom formerly known as Six Flags Marine World. Vallejo is increasing in size, and the economy is growing, more jobs are created to keep more people off the streets.

Vallejo is well known for the many churches it has, and is the backbone to gospel music in the Bay area along with Oakland, Ca. Also performing here as one of the top organists is Moses Tyson Jr. which has great technique and style.

Vallejo is a beautiful city and has a wide variety of people from all walks of life creating a well- rounded blend. It overall a fun filled place with rich history and many chances of opportunity from the rich to the poor.
Vallejo is the best city in the North Bay!
by Bethel Boy April 23, 2007
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