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A sexual move a man performs upon his partner that takes great skill and precision, yet can be very detrimental if performed incorrectly. Just as a Polar Bear is on the hunt after a Seal upon the ice, when the Seal slips back into the hole in the ice, the Polar Bear’s hunt is not over. The Polar Bear in its fast and speedy pursuit leaps high, stalls mid air, then falls precisely into the hole.

This sex move is one that only the elite should perform. It’s not for beginners, or those whose coordination is lousy. If done correctly, It will undoubtedly take the breath away of the person whom the move was performed upon, and suddenly send them down a spiral of orgasmic state.

WARNING! If performed incorrectly, the effects upon the man will unvaryingly result in a trip to the hospital.
So I finally mustard up enough courage to try the Polar Bear Plunge on Bonnie last night. You should have seen her eyes!
by Benny Boy December 14, 2019

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