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A pioneering internet crime-fighting duo whose exploits in busting would-be child molesters was featured in Parade Magazine c. 1998.
Stories circulated unconfirmed that they had also grown rich in their efforts by extorting money from some targets as an alternative to turning the target in to police for prosecution.

Their tactics (at least the legal ones) have now been copied and popularized by such television news magazines as NBC's Dateline and ABC's 20/20. Many criminal charges have been filed in consequence and public awareness of the problem has been heightened, too.

Also, speculation builds concerning World Wresling Entertainment's possible interest in a storyline involving a tag team of internet superheroes to take on the "bad guys".
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"Did you see the article about RODRIGUEZ AND GLADYS busting perverts wanting sex from minors?"

"Man, you a crime-fightin' hero like RODRIGUEZ AND GLADYS!'

"I nominate RODRIGUEZ AND GLADYS for President."
by Bengo Cholomongo September 19, 2006
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1.) A curious amount of CEMENT found in odd places after a cement truck driver finds a convenient place to dump the remains of his load (illegally).

2.) A conspicuous amount of FOREIGN MATERIAL unknowingly (?) worn on one's face or clothing and appearing as a trophy.

3.) A copious amount of SEXUAL DISCHARGE, or evidence thereof.
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1.) Be careful not to pull over to the side on this road 'cause there's NIGGERLOADS all up and down it. It be like hitttin' a stump.

2.) Yo, dude is that mayonaise on your mustache, or are you packin' a NIGGERLOAD? I don't wanna know. (Talk to the hand.)

3.) Ay! Juanita! Look at the NIGGERLOAD on the sheets from room 214! Que orgysex! Por seguro, debe ser 27" of dick to spread that much queso (cheese).
by Bengo Cholomongo September 10, 2006
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A stem (section of GLASS TUBE containing a small wad of metal scouring pad) which is CRACKED and SPLINTERED from a crack (cocaine) smoker applying too much heat for too long while trying to suck a hit and a half out of a hit of crack.
This abused makeshift pipe, belonging in the trash, is rather kept in one's pocket wrapped in tissue paper. Often seen on the TV show COPS; as one posessing such gets a trip to jail, everytime.
"Put that NIGGERPIPE away you fuckin' junkie. Y'want me to cut my lip? How long you been runnin' anyhow? You look like shit." "Hey, didn't I see you on COPS last season?"

"Yo, I rolled this dude for an eight-ball of crack! Break out the NIGGERPIPE!"
by Bengo Cholomongo September 13, 2006
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