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A physical state in which one's head may feel light as a feather or heavy as a stone. All fine motor skills are surrendered to the illegal substance by way of deep-frying one's brain in THC and the person may either begin talking at an extremely fast rate or be rendered a "vegetable," a useless human unable to physically maintain a conversation or their sanity. This state will only be seen in a subject when they have smoked copious amounts of marijuana. Being "high as fuck" cannot be imitated by fakers who take a single bong rip and claim to be "high as fuck," but instead can be achieved by either:
a)If a Bong is available-->Lighting up a bong bowl and sprinkling the keef THC crystals on top of some AAA grade weed
b)If a Bong is not handy--> Rolling and smoking at least 2.5 blunts per capita. Blunts are not to be confused with spliffs, J's or Joints; Blunts are rolled using strictly weed, and must be conical is shape and at least 3 inches long, not including the length roach.
Obviously, Vancouver weed (aka BC Bud) will help one achieve this desired effect while conserving their stash.
Ben: "Yo' Paul... check out this half ounce stash of White Dolphin Kush I just snagged for a cool 100 bones."
Paul: "FUCK MY GOD dude! Let me break out my 3 foot bong and take rips while we listen to some gangsta' shit."
Ben: "Thats Boss. Im gonna smoke the whole bag and on the last hit we'll use the entire keef."
Paul: "Thats Boss. We're gonna be High as Fuck until tomorrow afternoon."

Ben: "Stop being such a rookie and help me finish this bag of Boss weed...."
Paul: "mfhgpedffggggggg." (Starts drooling slightly)
Cyrus: "Ahahaha Paul is High as Fuck."
by Ben. Boss. February 01, 2009

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