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A condensed term for the phrase "Gay Sex."
"I have gex five times a day in Germany."
by Ben Jam'in' March 05, 2009

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Patriot Day is the day when a group of individuals spend the entire day (anywhere from 11 am to 11:30 pm) at the Patriot Cinemas in East Providence, RI. Because the theater shows second run movies one can spend the entire day watching movies for less than $10.
"The government authorized Patriot Day is tomorrow! Let's plan our Patriot Day on the actual Patriot Day!"
by Ben Jam'in' April 18, 2007

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When a male receives oral sex and the giver suddenly clamps down with their mouth, tightening like a quahog closes its shell.
"Why are you walking funny?"
"Dude, my girl totally gave me the Rhode Island Quahog last night. Never... again...."
"You should totally pull the Rhode Island rip and ride on her!"
by Ben Jam'in' July 22, 2009

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The ultimate version of the shocker. This sexual act involves using both fists in both the vaginal and anal opening, pushing both fists upwards opening the cavities. Creates the most intense orgasm (and intense pain for beginners) for females. End results often ends in pain and discomfort but with practice allows women to fully accept "super cocks"- penises belonging to endowed males starting as wide as a coke can.
Nurse: "I can't stop the bleeding doc."
Doc: "What happened here? Wait.. this looks like the Rhode Island Ripper."
Nurse "Ugh i should have known, i received that once. was the most intense orgasm ever but awful after effects. I can only fit a coke can now minimum in there to feel anything"
by Ben Jam'in' September 02, 2010

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