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A completely stupid CD written by a homophobic band of so-called rockers called Greenday. They are absolutely painful. If they went on TV, Simon Cowell would kill them.

The CD is about some random kid who enjoys using the words fuck and faggot. It is totally idiotic that anyone would ever listen to it.
American Idiot is the lamest CD ever.
by Ben Kenobi May 30, 2005
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The absolute best comedian/humorist ever to grace the Earth with his presence. He has written such books as "Dave Barry Slept Here: A Sort of History of the United States" and "Dave Barry's Only Travel Guide You'll Ever Need". Support him in any way you can.
The first major president to be elected after the War of 1812 was President Monroe Doctrine, who became famous by developing the policy for which he is named. This policy, which is still in efect today, states that:

1. Other nations are NOT ALLOWED to mess around with the internal affairs of nations in this hemisphere.
2. But we are.
3. Ha-ha-ha.
by Ben Kenobi June 12, 2005
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A rather pathetic band that no one really likes. See Simple Plan (my definition).
You're going to play Good Charlotte at your party? You loser!
by Ben Kenobi May 30, 2005
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A racial slur against either people of Jewish decent or people practicing the religion of Judaism.
As one of Jewish decent who is currently practicing Judaism, it is against my moral beliefs to put an example.
by Ben Kenobi May 30, 2005
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A rapper. That's all I'm going to say. Nothing positive, nothing negative.

Actually, I lied. I am going to say something positive. Jay-Z is a brilliant rapper who deserves all the credit for making rap what it was at its peak. It kind of sucks today, so I switched to hard rock, but Jay-Z made rapping acceptable when I was into it. He was the best damn rapper anyone's ever come up with, and I salute him.
by Ben Kenobi May 30, 2005
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The absolutely greatest comedian ever to grace the Earth with his presence.
"I'd like to point out that during the twentieth century, white, God-fearing, predominately Christian Europe produced Lenin, Stalin, Franco, Hitler and Mussolini."
by Ben Kenobi May 30, 2005
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