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A "heated discussion" is normally used as a term for a small fight between two or more people. Rather than a shouting and cussing fight, it is always discussed and reasoned calmly. But in the teen world... having a "heated discussion" is another word for making out. It can always be used as an excuse when your parents ask why you and your boyfriend/girlfriend were in your room alone for a long period of time. It's the best reason because your parents will usually sympathize with you.

Also, a "powerful heated discussion" is when their is a lot of tongue involved. They're the best.
Mother/Father and Child;;
"Becca... why were you and Evan alone in your room for so long?"
"Uhh... we were having a heated discussion..."
"Aww, alright. Well I hope it gets resolved."

A Couple Together;;
"Wow... this heated discussion is so much fun!"
"I know! Let's continue..."

"Wow! This was the best powerful heated discussion I've ever had with you!"
"I know! It was fun. By the way... your tongue is getting a lot stronger..."
by Becca ;) January 12, 2008

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