2 definitions by Barry V

Down Wind from The Sewage Treatment Plant. Immortalized in the 3rd season episode of the same name on the CBS sitcom "How I Met Your Mother". Fictional satire of the insane NYC real estate market and its ridiculous contraction derived neighborhood names.

See: DUMBO, BelDel
DoWiSeTrepla is the hottest neighborhood in NYC. The deals are amazing. Much more affordable than Dumbo or Tribeca.
by Barry V November 30, 2007
Below Delancey, or "Belancey". The latest in an increasingly insane series of new neighborhood contractions sweeping the real estate obsessed New York City market.
"I found the greatest deal on a 3-bedroom in BelDel"

"Beldel is so yesterday, you should check out DoWiSeTrePla"
by Barry V November 30, 2007