1 definition by Barrrrrroooseyy

just generally fucking up a text, often drunk, like when bitching about someone and accidentally sending it to the person you were talking to, but can also type the word in on dictionary and have the wrong word come up.

you would say: "mate i fuxted (pronounced fucksd) up big"

"dayam homie dawwg u fuxtd big time !!"
several fuxt's i know of are:

i reallly wnt a fuck!!! (typing in duck)

i'm gna dick u right now (typing in dial)

i dont really like my cunt, shes dead hairy and smells a bit (typing in aunt)

LOL! haha imagine if my mum knew i i just had sex in her bed wit ya? (sent to the mother instead of the partner)
by Barrrrrroooseyy June 02, 2009
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