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1) An advocate for a man's right not to have his Constitutional Right to be presumed innocent taken away from him, just because his accuser might be thought of as a liar.

2) An advocate for a man's legal right not to be defamed, by either slander or libel, from persons of either sex.

3) An advocate for the prosecution of those that make false accusations of capital crimes, regardless of their gender.

4) An advocate for the prosecution of those resorting to vicious slurs, harassment and defamation; regardless of their gender.
MRA's are tired of false rape accusers getting off scot-free, especially in cases where they openly admit they lied to the police.
by Barrister March 31, 2010

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One who is engaged in politics, who is ineffective at politics, with little financial support, and will sell out the political positions of their constituents for a very small political and or financial gain.
"Romney may be a cheap political whore, but he's *OUR* cheap political-whore; provided we can get our act together, quit fighting among ourselves and figure out how to appropriately pressure his pimps in the legislature."
by barrister November 26, 2013

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