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This person is very smart and GORGEOUS. She is very easily loved and very sweet. People are attracted by her loving and beautiful hair. When people hear her name they faint for love and jelously
Person 1: Hey I saw CHRISTINE the other day
Person 2: overhears *faints*
by Banana (purple) February 13, 2009
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Nickname for one can be flirt One of the best and funnest person. She is always a good pleasure to be around with. She is kind and sweet and pretty and the most caring perosn like ever. Loves people named Adam and has many interesting mood swings. Her name to used as a complement and just the name soothes people.
Person 1: You're an Ilana.
Person 2: *sighs and smiles* How sweet
by Banana (purple) February 13, 2009
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