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Noun. When you're sitting at the dinner table and you receive anywhere between 500 to 600 phone calls from an overly-conceited sales solicitor who insists that you must pick up your bogus $8,000 grand prize within 24 hours. This usually happens between mid March to late April.
I smashed my phone against the stove and broke it after I had to deak with that Solicitor 500
by Bake Em Away Toys November 16, 2010
Noun. When in college and your teacher does not care much about legible grading. As a result it is hard to tell whether a person scored high or low with a B.
Fathead #1: What the hell is that thing? I dunno what I got, on the test. Does that say B+ or B-?

Fathead #2: Looks like a B sharp.

Fathead #1: Fuck you and your sweater.
by Bake Em Away Toys November 13, 2010
Noun. Anything that comes in the form of a phonr call or text. The receiver that is made aware of the significant event does not make any verbal reaction. Rather, upon receiveing the phone call/text, their face becomes nervous and is followed by a series of 2 to 7 twitches of the left eye. The person then proceeds to get their ass off the couch and takes action.
(text of significant event): Dude, sum grandpa jus jacked ur Camaro from outta ur driveway.

recipient: (Twitches, stutters, and bolts out the front door)
by Bake Em Away Toys November 13, 2010
A man who is adept at various forms of martial arts, most notably Shotokan Karate, Kyokushin Karate, Shorinji Kenpo, Kajukenbo, Judo, Kali, Wing Chun, Jeet Kun Do, or Aikido. They never indulge in drinking alcoholic beverages, but hang around the area in a secret, undisclosed location. The moment a barfight erupts, they jump in screaming very loudly, clad in some sort of martial arts uniform such as a gi, and proceed to clean the bar.
Brian Urlacker: Hey buddy, you got a problem? Wanna take it outside?

Bas Rutten (professional barfighter): Hahaha, sure ok sounds like fun to me.
by Bake Em Away Toys November 13, 2010
noun. When a group of close friends band together to find out if another friend's girlfriend is cheating on him. Surveilence methods are used such as steaking out in the bushes, setting infra-red cameras, using walkie talkies, and/or other forms of budget surveilence equipment that could be purchased from internet sites and/or the toy section of the local Radioshack.
Guy #1: Aw man, my gf is hanging out with an old high school guy friend of hers from out of town.

Guy #2: (Phones Guys #3 and #4): Okay, boys, we gotta potential bimbo under radar. Time for scopeless overwatch, fan out.
by Bake Em Away Toys November 12, 2010