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A Scheller is decribed as a "nut in a shell". Scheller is a human that speaks before they think. A beyond weirdo. Described in Germany as the "Heller Scheller" the weirdest of all German nature. They flip at the drop of beer glass then go and hide in their nut shell. Dare not to disturb them until they had their alone time cause that's when the heller comes out! Sheller is a human nut in a shell that even Hitler wouldn't yeller at a Scheller! I shit you not...
Hitler- Scheller?
Scheller- wtf Shitler do I look like a Jew?
Hitler- Carry on Scheller so sorry to disturb your Shell time.
by Baby Dawn April 18, 2009

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Short form for someone is a nerd who acts like retard and is a complete loser has no brains. Totally in between a nerd and a retard.
A wanna be popular person but is too anal to achieve anything but a picking on someone that is geeky to them.
Which is them.
Someone that comes to you drunk after he/she has hit on you mate.
Nard-Hey dude just came by to see if your girlfriends home?
You-What??? Are you fucking Nard??? I should kick the fucking shit out of you...
Nard-Just asking...
by Baby Dawn April 17, 2009

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