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The epitome of Desperation is when a girl forcibly per-sue’s a man whilst being aware of the fact he has a girlfriend.

Usually an average looking female with no feminine charm or beauty & teeth that resemble penny-wise the clown.

Willing to open her legs for anyone & asks for your hotel room number without so much as being bought a drink.

Pretends to be a lesbian in order to disguise her whore tendencies & makes empty threats.

Otherwise known as a Lizzie Hubbard
Did you see that Thirsty whore at the work Christmas Party... offering to spread her legs to that taken man?

Yes that’s a Lizzie Hubbard don’t you realise that’s how they behave?! They usually wear shiny clothes & look like a magician... & pretend to be a lesbian!

Ohhh yes! I know! well... I find that level of desperation repulsive as does my partner!

She needs to get some self respect.
by Babestation Hahaha hilarious December 22, 2019

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Lowering yourself worth for attention from the opposite sex, Coming across as needy desperate & thirsty in order to gain the attention of a man.

Asking for his hotel room number & behaving in a whore like manner.

Making sexual advances despite the fact they aren’t being reciprocated.

Stalking his girlfriend on social media.

#Attention Whore #Desperate #Rejected #Try Again #Off you FUCK # Lizzie Hubbard
Did you see that Desperate ex-stripper whore offering herself to that taken man?! She was so willing to open her legs! How disgusting!

Yes I did! She’s such a Lizzie Hubbard!!!
by Babestation Hahaha hilarious December 22, 2019

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